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Work With Me

Trigger Eliminator

You’ve read articles, blogs and books to understand what causes migraines. Yet, you’re still in excruciating pain and feel no closer to understanding the cause of YOUR migraines – the most important.

No two migraines sufferers are the same. So let’s dive into exactly what’s triggering your migraines.

In this trigger eliminator session we’ll take an in-depth look at your diet and lifestyle to identify the most likely culprits to your migraines and the best strategies to eliminate them.

I’ll then develop a personalized plan for you to eliminate the triggers.

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Private Coaching

You & Me. Migraines don’t stand a chance.

In your private migraine makeover we’ll cover diet, exercise, sleep and stress… essentially your life as a whole, because that’s your reality.

This is the best option for you if you’re ready for a comprehensive plan on banishing your migraines.

And that’s just our starting point.

Together we’ll create a plan that will help you reach your overall optimal health and live a life of fulfillment.

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Speaking & Workshops

Are you planning an event and want a dynamic and interactive session on healthy living?

Do want to create a culture of wellness in your organization?

Let’s talk.

As a Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and Natural Food Chef I speak to audiences around the world about creating a deliciously healthy and balanced life. Together we learn, have fun and inspire one another.

Check out my most requested topics.

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