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Real talk: eating “healthy” has become really darn complicated. And if you’ve been diagnosed with MS or another one of the 100+ autoimmune diseases, you probably don’t have the energy or the time to figure out what are the best foods to restore your health. So, you don’t need to read another article online, or try another fad, you need a tried, true method to nourish yourself healthy. Ding ding ding: that’s what we do around here.

Roadmap to Health

Get 1:1, expert feedback on your current state of health, diet, and lifestyle.

Don’t worry, this is not a sales call. You will not be sold anything. Instead this call is all about problem solving for you. We’ll lay out the best path for you to start cranking up that optimal health so you can stop trying to figure it all out on your own and instead tap into some pro-level insight and clarity. Sound good?

Drop me an email and let’s get started.

Nutrition Coaching

Get the ongoing support you need to finally leverage diet and lifestyle to heal your body.

We’re talkin’ a comprehensive program that will address everything from diet and lifestyle to emotional support. It’s the lovechild of education and accountability and my goal is to arm you with everything you need to know so that you’re independently empowered as quickly as possible to take the reins on your health. We’ll go way (way) beyond, “more veggies and avoid processed food!” and into the glorious land of deeply understanding nutrition and how it pertains to your unique body, symptoms, and needs.

You’ll leave our time together knowing:

  • How to feed yourself resilient through healing foods
  • An array of cost-saving strategies so your grocery bill doesn’t break the bank
  • Tips on how to become your own healing chef with minimal time and energy in the kitchen
  • How to take this lifestyle on the road for your travels and social life (or when you’re in bed without the energy to go anywhere. #beenthere).

Oh and plus …

…. we will laugh together, cry, or some wild combination of both—because this stuff is personal, and you need someone alongside you who not just gets it, but wants to help you get beyond it.

You ready? Drop me an email and let’s get started.

Healing Workshop —Less Pharm, More Table

Whether you’re planning employee wellness events, community support groups or an international health conference, this is an opportunity to empower your audience with the knowledge and strategies to heal through foods.

Science is beginning to prove the success of this nourishing approach (shout out to Terry Wahls’ clinical trials!) as an alternative, or supplement, to using pharmaceuticals to heal. This workshop is all about getting to the root cause of our symptoms by getting to the roots in our soil, so pull up a seat at the table.

You’ll learn:

  • the specific foods that influence the inflammatory process,
  • strategies to eliminate them and
  • tasty alternatives (for real tasty, not “healthy-tasty”).

Beyond food, we’ll also discuss key lifestyle habits that can improve your health and independence and overall white hot happiness.

Interested in planning this workshop at your next event?

Let’s chat.

Interested in attending an upcoming event/workshop?

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