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Hi and welcome to "What Nourishes You?" I am Alene Brennan and as a Health Coach and Yoga Instructor I am happy to share information about food, yoga and life's nourishing moments. I'd love to hear from you, so drop me a message via the contact page. Enjoy the site!

Top 5 Food Triggers for Migraines

Are you scratching your throbbing head as to what is triggering those awful migraines? While the direct cause is still a little foggy in the mind of researchers, the food on your plate could reveal many culprits.

With millions of migraine sufferers in the United States alone, the triggers and level of tolerance can vary, but […]

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Mindful Sleeping

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Mindful Breathing

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Field Trip: Garden State Farming

It was Sunday afternoon, which for Farmer Kevin Flaim, meant he had just a few short hours out of the entire week to rest. Yet this week he generously traded those hours in to tour me around his farm.

I was welcomed the same way I would have been if I asked to meet his family. […]

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The Craving that Changed My Life

Food is Medicine. Yoga Transforms. The Body Heals.

I experienced these three truths first hand.

I changed my diet. I change my lifestyle. I changed my migraines. And that changed my life.

It sparked an insatiable craving in me to learn more. What else could food do for the body? What other benefits did yoga and mindfulness have? […]

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I Finally Let Go


I was thoroughly prepped for my first yoga class. I arrived 15 minutes early in my black pants and cute tank. I figured I should at least look the part when I walk into the studio.

The instructor signed me in and gave me an overview of the class and benefits of yoga. She didn’t specifically […]

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A Pretzel for a Migraine?

Thanks to discovering and eliminating my triggers, the migraines weren’t as fierce or frequent. Food became my medicine. I knew if I went back to a free-for-all eating, I was sure to be back in migraine misery.

But as I got older, the stakes got higher as I entered college (i.e. all work and all play […]

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Wanted: Migraine Triggers

After much research in the personal lab of pint-sized me, I started to identify the migraine troublemakers. It was time to kick them to the curb.

What were my migraine triggers and where had they been hiding? Here are some biggies that really made a difference to me.

Caffeine – aside from the obvious coffee, tea, cola […]

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The seven-year-old migraine

On the outside, I was living a happy childhood, but on the inside, my body was going bonkers. As told through my first column, the mere smell of chocolate made my head feel like it was going to explode.

But chocolate wasn’t the only monster that brought on this horrifying pain that made me lie still […]

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It started with a kiss

How did my fascination with food begin?

It started with a kiss … a Hersey kiss that is. At age seven, I was barreling down the stairs on Christmas morning as my sister and I discovered the mound of presents under the Christmas tree. Among them was a giant Hersey kiss.

We could think of no better […]

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