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I get it. You’re an Everything Woman. You run the world – except when migraines run you.

You’re doing amazing things for your family, friends and the community. You’re seen as in command of everything (even when you don’t feel that way) and it’s scary to think of the shut down effect of migraines. You tell yourself there’s no time for it today. There’s too much going on. You wonder how long it will last and beg it to go away. You start listing the people you will disappoint with a no-show.

You do your best to do it all. But who helps you?

I want to be that person!

I understand migraines.

After decades of debilitating migraine headaches that often landed me in the Emergency Room, I refused to let them control my life any longer. I spent years studying strategies to eliminate migraines.

I’ve discovered how to live without migraines.

I’ve identified the best and most effective ways to banish excruciating and debilitating headaches. Now I want to help you live without the fear of migraines because there is more to life than living between migraines and wondering when the next one will strike.

My migraine-free life let’s me relax and focus on living instead of dreading the next on-set.

About me, Alene Brennan

Alene L. Brennan
Alene L. BrennanHealth Coach, Natural Food Chef and Yoga Instructor

I’m a chef, so you won’t be surprised to know I see my life as a recipe. All of the ingredients have created the person I’ve become.

  • 1,000+ Hours Health Coach & Food Therapy Education
  • 600+ Hour Natural Food Chef Education
  • 500+ Hour Yoga Education
  • Equal parts motivation and compassion
  • Dash of sass
  1. Grow up in the garden state (New Jersey) in a family of lots of love and fun.
  2. Insert debilitating childhood migraines.
  3. Discover the power of using food as medicine and the profound healing of yoga.
  4. Graduate college with a degree in Communications and minor in Health and Exercise Science. Enter corporate world for 12 years… because that’s what every grad “should” do, right?
  5. Spend 2,000+ hours on nights, weekends and holidays training with leading health experts to pursue your passion. Dream about the health coaching business you’ll build someday.
  6. Decide today is your someday. Quit corporate job, sell home and move to NYC to study at the Natural Gourmet Institute.
  7. Launch a nation of migraine-free mavens to enjoy life and rule the world without migraines.
1 Garden State grown, sustainably raised, triple certified coach on a mission to help women reclaim their health and life from debilitating migraines.

Okay, enough about me.

It’s time to let the rejuvenated, healthy, migraine-free you come out and shine, baby!

Let’s get started!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Step 1:

Request your Top 10 Most Overlooked Migraine Triggers.

Step 2:

Connect with me Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to receive info I only share to my social networks. Most of all, comment on the posts. I read them all andwant to hear from you.

Step 3:

Have a friend, coworker or neighbor that sufferers from migraines?  Share the relief.

The Official Bio

Alene Brennan is a certified Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and Natural Food Chef.Graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef Training and Food Therapy programs in New York City and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Alene’s mentor and teachers include world leading nutrition and health experts such as Annemarie Colbin, Mark Hyman and Andrew Weil.

In addition to these certifications, Alene has great insight in the food and healthcare industry having lead a 12-year corporate career working for Fortune 500 Companies such as Campbell Soup Company and Aramark and well as Virtua.

She unites her training and expertise to support busy women in creating their recipe for a healthy, fulfilling and migraine-free life. Her step-by-step plans support individuals in identifying the best foods for their bodies, using food as a form of medicine and incorporating simple strategies to effectively manage stress.

Alene has been featured in USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer and Mind Body Green. Check out her blog, tips and recipes at www.alenebrennan.com.