The Wahls Protocol

//The Wahls Protocol

The Wahls Protocol

“A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles”

The Wahls Protocol is not just another paleo diet. In fact, it’s not just a diet at all.

It’s a clinically based food prescription and lifestyle program to address the root cause of autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Let’s take a look.

Food Prescription

The Protocol has the foundation of the paleo diet – meats, fish, vegetables and berries – but in a much more organized, prescriptive fashion.

Dr. Wahls tells you exactly how much of specific vegetables you should be consuming in a day to ensure you get a therapeutic dose of nutrients and keep yourself satiated.

  • Veggies Galore! Incorporate 9 cups veggies daily
    • 3 Cups Leafy Greens
    • 3 Cups Sulfur Rich
    • 3 Cups Deeply Colored
  • Eliminate Gluten and Dairy
  • Organic, Grass-Fed Meat, and Wild Caught Fish

Lifestyle Habits

The protocol goes beyond the food on your plate to address

  • Detoxifying your environment
  • Adopting a proper exercise routine
  • Managing stress
  • Electrical stimulation

The Results

Getting started can be the hardest because let’s face it we’re all addicted to sugar and white flour. It’s delicious on the lips and lights up the pleasure centers of our brain more than cocaine! Yet in the midst of all this pleasure, it’s wreaking havoc in our body. Blood sugar levels spike leading to a host of unpleasant things such as weight gain, energy crashes, mood swings and inflammation.

While the start is hard, the payoff is great. Wahls studies have found within one month, participants report reduced symptoms, fatigue, more energy, more mental clarity, better moods.

The changes in gaits take longer, because there are no shortcuts when it comes to growing muscle. It’s all through exercise and strength training. But, again, the payoff of regaining a higher level of independence is worth it!

To determine if the Wahls Protocol is right for you send me an email at and we can chat.

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